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How To Talk to Someone With Short-Term Memory Loss?

a woman walks with a senior woman with memory loss in a park having a conversation

Someone with short-term memory loss may forget things they just said or did, which can be a natural part of aging. But it can also signal the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s, the most common form of dementia. Senior living communities provide a wide range of memory care needs for people with dementia.  Short-term […]

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How Do I Find the Best Memory Care Facility?

A caregiver behind a senior man putting her arms around him in a memory care community

Searching for the best memory care community for your loved one is a detail-oriented process that requires communication and understanding. Finding the right community for your loved one is essential to maintaining the quality of life they deserve. Let’s look at what memory care is and how to find the best memory care community for […]

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What Is Sundowning in Dementia?

An older woman completing a puzzle that looks like a head, with pieces missing from the brain

Sleep Problems with Dementia Whether your loved one lives at home, in assisted living, or in another type of senior living community, dealing with dementia requires memory support. One common problem that seniors with memory problems experience is sundowning. Caregivers need the knowledge and training to prevent and cope with sleep problems. Keep reading to […]

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Why Should Senior Citizens Perform Balance Exercises?

Staying active is important in all walks of life, especially as you age. Finding the right community is essential, and discovering a new lifestyle can be exciting but remaining active is vital to your overall quality of life. Let’s look at the importance of balance exercises for senior citizens, including the various health benefits and […]

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What Causes Caregiver Burnout?

Caring for Caregivers A caregiver is anyone who provides care or help to another. It’s a broad term that can include family members or professionals. In elderly care, a caregiver generally helps with activities of daily living (ADL). Some professional caregivers may also offer medical-related services. Caring is a full-time commitment and can sometimes cause […]

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