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Hands Free Shoes to Make Senior Lives Easier

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An older adult woman putting on slip on shoes

Stepping into the golden years can be seen as a time of wisdom and relaxation, but for some older adults, simple tasks we take for granted can become more challenging. 

Something seemingly mundane can be a daily struggle, for example, putting on a pair of shoes. However, with innovative hands-free shoes without fasteners and wide openings, older adults can remain mobile and independent as they are safe, convenient to put on, and comfortable. 

Having the right shoes that are easy to wear and take off can allow older adults the freedom and safety to remain physically active in their community

The Benefits of Hands Free Shoes for Seniors

Hands-free shoes can offer newfound independence for older adults who may have reduced mobility and agility. Hands free shoes are designed so the feet easily slip in without bending or using one’s hands. The independence they foster is not only about mobility but also about the inner sense of freedom that comes with the ability to do things for oneself.

Safety is another compelling aspect for hands free shoes. Fall-related injuries are a serious concern for older adults, and can sometimes result from unsafe footwear. Hands-free shoes mean your hands are still available to keep you upright or to grab onto something if you stumble. 

Hands-free shoes are not just about functionality. They also made from lightweight materials that benefit those with joint issues or general muscle weakness. Minus Velcro straps or elastic laces, hand-free shoes eliminate the need to fiddle with traditional laces. 

What to Look for in Hands-Free Shoes for Seniors

When shopping for hands free shoes, look for a sturdy non-slip sole which aids stability and prevents accidents. The slip-on design should incorporate a secure fastening method to keep the foot inside the shoe during various activities. Additionally, look for shoes with lightweight yet durable materials that allow for breathability and support.

Hands Free Shoe Brands for Seniors

There are several brands of hands free shoes available for older adults. 

Orthofeet Hands Free Shoes

Orthofeet is a hands-free shoe brand with comfortable and innovative footwear for men and women. Their hands-free shoes are designed with slip-on technology and pain-free engineering. 

They provide ease and comfort for older adults struggling with difficulty bending, mobility issues, back pain, knee pain, and arthritis. The insoles in orthofeet hands free shoes feature cushioning and arch support with heel pain relief. Orthofeet hands free shoes can benefit older adults with several conditions, such as foot pain, heel pain, flat feet, and swollen feet.

Sketchers Hands Free Slip-Ins

Sketchers has a hands free slip-in shoe that’s designed to allow you to step into the shoe without bending over or touching the shoes. They also provide style and comfort for both men and women.


Kizik hands free shoes for older adults are easy to put on and comfortable. These hands free shoes require no tying, no heel crushing, and no hands. 

Tips for Buying Hands Free Shoes

Consider the purpose of your shoes before making a purchase. Knowing how you plan to use your shoes will help guide you toward the right option for your needs. If you can, research online or ask a family member to help you see what’s available. However, it’s always better to try on shoes in-store. 

When trying on shoes, do so later in the day, as your feet naturally expand. Walk around in the shoes to get a feel for how they support your feet and ankles. Apart from being hands free, the fit is also crucial. Take your time trying on different pairs to find the shoe that works for you. Also, try on both the left and right shoes, as they may fit differently. 

An older adult man sitting on a bed and choosing what shoes to wear

Adaptive Shoes for Maintaining Independence

The hands-free shoes market is a great example of how innovation can have a direct, positive impact on the lives of older adults. By rethinking how you shop for shoes, whether it’s for the home or walking outside, older adults can enjoy everyday tasks with independence, safety, and comfort. 

Contact Tylers Mill Senior Living for more information on how our community can support and care for a loved one in their golden years. 

Written by Angela Clark

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