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Mind and Body: Therapeutic Activities for the Elderly

A mindful short-haired woman meditating beside a body of water.

As we age, it’s important to stay physically and mentally active. Therapeutic activities can help older adults maintain their health and engagement. Physical activity, mental stimulation, and social interaction are vital for a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity like walking, swimming, and yoga can improve balance, strength, and flexibility while reducing the risk of chronic diseases. […]

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Can a Person with Dementia Sell Their House?

A silhouette of a senior person who is holding his head by his hand with a gesture of difficulty in remembering. When someone has dementia, they may not be able to make decisions or understand things in the same way that they used to

As we grow older, our bodies and minds change. For some people, these changes can include a condition called dementia, which affects a person’s memory, thinking, and behavior.  Receiving the diagnosis of dementia in a loved one can be a difficult and emotional experience. While symptoms such as misplacing objects or forgetting appointments may be […]

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What Causes Caregiver Burnout?

Caring for Caregivers A caregiver is anyone who provides care or help to another. It’s a broad term that can include family members or professionals. In elderly care, a caregiver generally helps with activities of daily living (ADL). Some professional caregivers may also offer medical-related services. Caring is a full-time commitment and can sometimes cause […]

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