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How to Ease the Transition to Assisted Living?

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A daughter reassuring her senior mother that she will get taken care of in an assisted living facility. The daughter Emphasizes the positives and benefits of assisted living and the services it entails

If you or your loved one find it difficult to manage everyday tasks and responsibilities, it might be worth looking into assisted living and the support available

It can be daunting or even nerve-racking to go from independent to assisted living, but the right community can make it a great experience. 

Please read our full blog below to learn more about tips and strategies to help ease the transition into assisted living. 

Strategies for Discussing Assisted Living With Your Loved Ones 

Talking to your loved ones about assisting living can be challenging and is not always met with open arms. It can be confusing and frustrating to think that you might be losing some of your independence or being forced out of your home. 

However, being compassionate and finding the right community can ease the transition and reveal the excitement that assisted living has to offer. Here are a few tips for discussing this next step with your loved one:

Show Empathy & Care 

Everyone will react differently, and it’s important to show your loved one that they have your support and care during this transition. 

Keep Them Involved in the Decision

Reassure your loved ones or parents that they will be involved in the decisions and that their opinions matter in finding a community suitable to their needs and wants. 

Focus on the Good 

Emphasize the positives and benefits of assisted living and the services it entails. Remind them that they won’t need to worry about cleaning the gutters, preparing meals, or other daily tasks that take too much time and energy.

Understand the Options Available 

Let them know the different opportunities they can access and discuss what it might look like to take the next steps. Consider compiling lists of places, brochures, or marketing materials that help facilitate the conversation and answer any questions. 

Choose the Right Community

Choosing the right community can significantly impact your experience with assisted living. Here are a few tips for finding the right community:

Explore Their Amenities & Activities

Amenities like pools, libraries, gardens, and social spaces can enhance assisted living experience and provide you or your loved ones with plenty of activities to try out. It is important for seniors to stay physically active and continue strengthening your muscles and body.

Research Their Services

Determine your loved one’s needs and the kind of care that you’re hoping assisted living will provide. For example, if they need help managing medications, basic hygiene, or meal preparations, it’s critical to find a community that offers these services. You can go about researching this through their website or making a call to the community and speaking with their staff. 

A daughter and her senior father chatting while sitting on a chair after their tour in a assisted living community.

Visit the Community 

Visiting the community can be a great way to ease the stress of transitions to assisted living. You can usually book a tour and learn more about the community and its space. Check out the bedroom, dining hall, and other amenities that the residents can access.

Get to Know the Staff

The staff are an important part of assisted living, and getting to know them can help to make the adjustment less stressful. Feel free to ask them questions about the community and their experiences to determine if it is the right fit for you or your loved one. 

Prepare a Budget

Assisted living is an investment, and preparing the costs is something that you or your loved one might need help managing. Consider looking into insurance options, government programs, investments, or reverse mortgages to pay for the care. 

Tips to Help Adjust to Assisted Living 

The adjustment period when moving into assisted living can be challenging but following some of these tips may help to ease the experience for you or your loved one:

  • Bring personal belongings to decorate and complement the new room
  • Socialize with others and sign up for activities 
  • Ask other loved ones to come to visit and see the new room
  • Reach out to your neighbours and start to form friendships  
  • Set small goals and make an effort to engage with the community or attend a social gathering 
  • Take up a new hobby 
  • Invite friends and family to visit and explore the community 

Transitioning to assisted living is a big adjustment. It will take some time to feel comfortable, like moving to any new home. Therefore, having an open mind and a positive attitude can go a long way toward easing the transition. 

Stay in Contact & Spend Time With Them

At Tylers Mills Senior Living, our experienced and friendly staff are happy to talk with you or your loved one about the next steps to joining our community and transitioning to assisted living. Please don’t hesitate to call or book an appointment and learn more about our services. 

Written by Ryan Donahue

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