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Memory Improvement Games for Seniors

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A senior couple in cozy sweaters solving a jigsaw puzzle on a wooden table.

As people age, their memory tends to decline. Seniors may find themselves forgetting things or needing help remembering important details. This can be a frustrating and stressful experience, but some things can be done to help improve their memory.

Memory improvement games are one way to keep seniors’ brains active and engaged, improving their memory retention. 

Some of the best games to support cognitive function include puzzles, word games, card games, and brain training apps. 

At Tylers Mill Senior Living, our activity calendar includes organized events, and our community spaces are the perfect place to hold casual rounds of your favorite games with fellow residents.

Benefits of Memory Improvement Games

Memory improvement games, also called brain games or cognitive exercises, are designed to engage the brain and improve memory, focus, and mental agility. They come in many forms, including puzzles, crosswords, card games, and mobile applications.

Some scientific studies suggest that memory improvement games can slow down cognitive decline in seniors, improve overall brain health, enhance focus and concentration, and give seniors the confidence to tackle more challenging tasks.

While memory improvement games can benefit seniors, they are not a magic bullet. Memory improvement games are just one tool in the toolkit of memory preservation. Seniors should engage in various activities that promote physical, mental, and social well-being in addition to playing memory improvement games.

Incorporate Memory Games into a Routine

Gradually incorporating memory improvement games into their daily routine is essential to keep seniors engaged and motivated. Start with simple activities like arranging words or matching images and progressively build up to complex activities when they feel more confident.

Choose games that align with their interests and ensure they are challenging but achievable. Plus, be patient, supportive, and encouraging while playing games.

How to Promote Good Cognitive Function

Besides memory improvement games, there are many other ways to promote mental agility and memory preservation, including socializing with others, listening to music, engaging in physical activity, and learning something new. When these activities are combined with memory improvement games, they can have a more profound impact and help seniors maintain their mental sharpness.

Memory improvement games can help seniors keep their memory sharp. In addition to incorporating them into daily routines, seniors should participate in other activities that promote physical, mental, and social well-being to maximize their memory preservation.

Popular Memory Improvement Games

Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are great for seniors’ mental agility and cognitive function. These puzzle games could come in the form of jigsaw puzzles or Mahjong, a tile-based game, to help seniors keep their minds sharp.

A close-up of mahjong tiles and a die on a green playing mat.

Puzzle games challenge the mind and stimulate cognitive function as players must think strategically to solve the puzzle. Similarly, Mahjong requires strategy and memory recall. It’s a great game for seniors and has been shown to have cognitive benefits. Playing Mahjong and doing jigsaw puzzles can improve seniors’ visual-spatial perception.

Card Games

Card games are another fantastic way to improve memory retention in seniors with mild cognitive impairment. Games such as bridge, solitaire, or poker can help seniors improve their short-term memory, which is crucial for everyday activities such as remembering where they put their keys or glasses.

Word Games

Word games, like word scrambles, word searches, crosswords, or Scrabble, can benefit seniors’ mental agility and word recall. They help seniors improve their language skills and build their vocabulary. These games can also be played with family and friends, giving seniors a sense of social interaction and further supporting their brain health.

Brain Training Games

Brain training games like Lumosity and BrainHQ help seniors improve their cognitive function in memory, attention, and mental speed. These games are specifically created to help seniors improve their brain function.

They are designed as a progressive system. As seniors succeed in one level, they progress to the next level, making the game progressively challenging and engaging.

Enjoy the Benefits of Memory Boosting Games

Memory loss can be detrimental to seniors’ independent living. Playing games stimulates the mind, making it more agile and improving memory recall. These games help seniors stay sharp and happy and keep their memory in good condition.

Schedule a tour at Tylers Mill Senior Living to explore the community and learn how our staff and programs can help support your loved one’s cognitive function as they age.

Written by Ryan Donahue, Regional Vice President

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