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How Often Should You Visit a Parent in Assisted Living

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Young woman hugging her elderly dad during her visit

Assisted living facilities offer an option for aging parents who require support and assistance with daily tasks, while still maintaining some level of independence.

As a family member or loved one of someone residing in an assisted living home, you may wonder how often you should visit to provide the proper level of support and connection without overstepping boundaries.

Depending on your loved one’s needs and availability in your schedule, visits could range from once every month or 2 to more regular intervals. The right frequency will depend entirely on your situation.

Here’s what factors you should consider when determining the frequency of your visits to help maintain a strong relationship with your parent in assisted living.

Determining the Frequency of Visits

As our loved ones grow older, we often face challenges in determining the frequency of our visits. Each situation is unique, and factors such as individual needs, our schedules, and the quality of interaction are all important considerations.

Let’s explore various factors that can help you decide how often to visit your aging parents.

Assess Your Parent’s Needs & Preferences

Before you set a visitation schedule or routine, it’s essential to understand your parent’s needs and wishes.

Are they newly transitioned to the assisted living facility and require more frequent visits to adjust? Or have they been there for some time and are comfortable with their surroundings?

Some residents may appreciate regular visits to stay connected with family members, while others may be content with less frequent interactions. Gauge your parent’s comfort level and be prepared to adapt your visitation schedule accordingly.

Consider Your Schedule & Availability

While your love for your parent may be unwavering, your schedule and daily responsibilities are important in determining visit frequency.

As with any relationship, balancing your life and the time spent with your loved one is essential. Set realistic expectations for visits while ensuring you do not overextend yourself or your commitments.

A helpful strategy is determining a few days and times during the week or month that work best for you and your parent, providing consistency and predictability.

Elderly man patting the back of his son after a hug

Quality Over Quantity

It’s not always about how often you visit, but rather, the quality of the time you spend together.

Whether you visit once a week or once a month, ensure you’re present and engaged during your time together. Plan activities or outings that cater to your parent’s interests and abilities, or simply share stories and reminisce about fond memories.

The key is to make each visit count and demonstrate your love and support.

Stay Connected Between Visits

In today’s digital age, technology provides various ways to maintain connections with your loved ones, even from a distance.

Use video chat platforms, social media, or digital photo frames to share family updates and moments between visits. Encourage other family members and friends to send messages or photos, ensuring your parent continuously feels connected.

Observe & Adapt as Circumstances Change

As your parent grows older and their needs evolve, so too should your visitation schedule.

Be aware of any changes in their health or emotional well-being that may warrant more frequent visits or additional support. Open communication with staff at the assisted living facility can provide valuable insight into your parent’s needs and overall well-being.

Always prioritize their best interests and respond accordingly to any changes in their life.

Meaningful Visits at Tylers Mill Senior Living

Visiting your parent in assisted living can be an enriching experience. As you decide how often to visit, consider your loved one’s needs and your availability.

Not only can visiting provide quality conversation and learning opportunities, but it also gives peace of mind by knowing they’re safe and supported.

At Tylers Mill Senior Living, we strive for meaningful and personalized experiences for our residents and are devoted to providing compassionate support through each stage of life.

Our array of activities provide something for everyone. We invite you to schedule a visit and explore all that Tylers Mill has to offer!

Written by Ryan Donahue

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